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The brand strategy mini-course

Learn how to master brand strategy workshops

A 5-step, actionable course, plus all of the email and design templates you need to run remote brand strategy workshops right away.

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Student reviews
Jo ASH sakula
“Value packed mini course!”
Daniel SAputra
“Such good value for money”
Christine de la Garza
"Charlie is an excellent teacher"
Fully remote methodology
Includes ready-to-use documents and email templates
A powerful three-step workshop process
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Who this course is for

Does this sound like you?

You want to charge more for your designs
You don't feel confident to charge based on the value you will generate.
You want your designs to achieve measurable business goals
You're seeking to understand how design and branding can be used to impact real business outcomes.
You want to stand out from other designers
Your current offering is hard to distinguish from other designers in the market.
You would love to choose where you work
Whether that’s a co-working space around the corner or on a beach in Bali.
You aspire to be seen as an expert
You're tired of being treated as ‘just a pair of hands’ by clients, and want to be a key decision maker.
My story

Been there

After leaving my 9-5 office job and starting my branding business, I struggled to win clients, stand out, and charge what my designs were worth.

I had ambitions to see more of the world but I felt stuck in London with a high cost of living.

I had to try something new to stand out. So I pulled together what I had learned from working with some of London's top branding and marketing agencies, and produced a high-value brand strategy workshop.

Once I had produced it, I tried it out on one of the clients I had at the time and the results were astounding!

The relationship with this client became strong and lasting, and the value I offered improved so much that it made me indispensable. I knew I was on to something.

Fast forward to today and I have now run hundreds of workshops, designed many brands, and grown my business - all whilst travelling the world.

This is why I made this course. I want to help you build a thriving business that lays the foundation for the life you want to live.
the process you will learn

the 3-step workshop formula

It's simple, but powerful.
Step 1
Extract information
from the client
Priming both you and the client for the topics that will be discussed in the workshop.
Step 2
Visualise the clients answers
Visually displaying their answers sets the stage for a productive and enjoyable workshop.
Step 3
Present to the client
Deepen your understanding and relationship by taking the client through a series of high-value, interactive workshop exercises.

here's what we will cover

Jam-packed with actionable information.
Module 1
Course Introduction
Here we will run through the benefits of brand strategy and how it can radically improve your freelance business.
Module 2
The Three Step Workshop Process
A powerful versatile workshop process that is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Module 3
Workshop Exercise Example
We’ve learned the process. Now it’s time to put it into practice with an example of a fun exercise that will bring consistency to your clients brand.
Module 4
Setup & Facilitation
Here we will walk through every step. From creating your brand discovery form from scratch, to preparing and facilitating the workshop.
Module 5
Questions & Answers
I answer your most pressing questions and give some final tips before you head off to become a brand strategist.
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The brand strategy mini-workshop

Make an investment in your future.
Here’s everything you will receive
A fun and impactful workshop exercise you can charge your clients $100's, if not $1000's for
A three step workshop process that is versatile and easy to implement
A step by step walkthrough of how to set-up and facilitate your first remote workshop
The workshop document template in both Xd and Figma
Your own brand discovery survey you can send to clients at the beginning of the workshop process
Email templates to onboard your clients instantly
A Q&A where I answer your most commonly asked workshop questions
Today’s price just $47
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Inside this course

Course materials include...

Professional instructor-led videos
In this course, you'll go through the step-by-step approach to running a successful workshop. We'll go through the process in chronological order - so that you can get a feel for how it works in real life.

Doing it in this way will ensure you have the ability to start conducting workshops with your clients right away.
Email templates for effortlessly running the workshop
The course includes the email templates I have personally used to organise the session, and recap it successfully.

You can copy and paste these templates to streamline and simplify your own process.
Resources that will supercharge your workshop and its outcomes
The workshop document includes a fun and interactive exercise that you can offer your clients. This works with any design tool you prefer to use, whether that's Xd, Figma, or Illustrator.
A brand discovery survey to extract all the relevant information from the client
This course includes a tutorial to set up your own online questionnaire that includes the questions needed to prepare for a successful workshop.

The survey can be completed at your client's convenience on any device, and will lay the foundation for the workshop itself. All you'll need to do is send your client the URL.
The answer to your most frequently asked questions
Answering questions such as how to overcome imposter syndrome and be confident facilitating workshops, and how much you should charge for workshops.
client testimonials

Clients love the workshop process

Craig MacAlpine
Founder of Expert Insights
“The workshop was hugely beneficial in defining our brand and business goals. It helped us demonstrate our position as a credible leader in the industry. We’re incredibly happy with the results.”
Malte Scholz
Founder of airfocus
“The brand workshop was remarkably enjoyable and exactly what we needed. The result was a clearly defined strategic direction and a brand identity that positioned us as a leading productivity platform.”
Gemma Minihan
Co-owner of Mercury1
“The brand discovery workshop helped us to focus in on what we wanted to communicate, and how we could remain true to ourselves whilst still appealing to a broad audience. The process translated my thoughts into professional designs, bringing everything to the next level. Charlie is now my number one recommendation to Mercury1’s own clients for their branding and design.”
Zachary van Driel
Co-Founder of Miri
“The branding workshop was a valuable and concise way to develop and consolidate our company brand, for both internal and external use. We were very happy with the outcome.”

frequently asked questions

What tools or software do I need to complete the course?

You will need 3 tools:
1. Ideally Adobe Xd or Figma (although any design tool can be used)
2. A Google account - for Google Forms and Sheets
3. A video conferencing platform - to host the workshop remotely (e.g. Zoom)

How will this course help me go remote?

This workshop process is designed to be facilitated from anywhere with an internet connection. Starting your client engagements with a remote paid workshop lays the foundation for continued remote work for the rest of the project.

Will I be able to charge my clients for this workshop?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, I suggest you always charge for the workshop to ensure all parties are fully invested and taking it seriously.

I don’t have any experience with workshops - is this course right for me?

This course is designed to get you up to speed and confident with facilitating workshops even if you have no previous experience with them.

How long can I access the content?

You will receive a lifetime access to the course as well as all future updates.

How long does the course take?

This mini-course has been designed to be as value packed as possible, and only takes just over an hour to complete, whilst providing everything you need to get started.

What industries could this workshop be appropriate for?

The workshop can be used across all industries. It covers all the key areas of branding that every type of business needs.

I'd like to ask a question via email. What email address should I use?

You can ask me any questions about the course at

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The brand strategy mini-workshop

Make an investment in your future.
Here’s everything that’s included
A fun and impactful workshop exercise you can charge your clients $100's, if not $1000's for
A versatile and easy to implement three step workshop process
The workshop document template in both Xd and Figma
A step by step walkthrough for how to set-up and facilitate your first remote workshop
Your own brand discovery survey you can send to clients at the beginning of the workshop process
Email templates to onboard your clients instantly
A Q&A where I answer your most commonly asked workshop questions
Today’s price just $47
Enroll Today
This course includes a no-questions-asked
30 day money back guarantee
A final word from charlie
It’s my mission to help you build a business that supports your ideal life.

This course is designed to be a strong step along your journey, and I can’t wait to hear how it has helped you.

Always feel free to reach out if you need a helping hand or to simply tell me how you found the course.

All the best,
Charlie Osborne